Sunday, November 18, 2007

Library Thing is a Good Thing

It is easy to get hooked on Library Thing. Since I keep a list of about 500 books in my desk drawer, I think I'm going to be a paying customer.

If you sign up to be an early reviewer you can compete to get free advance copies of books from major publishers. Winners are determined via a variety of factors, including how well organized their "Thing" library is. That's a great incentive to really learn tagging finesse.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Have photos, looking for champagne

Today I cropped the Polaroid scans that have been rotating on my hard drive since last Christmas. Wish I had a glass of bubbly to toast the accomplishment!

Having seen Susan's post about the personal info required by Flickr, I decided to use Picasa instead. I like being able to access it directly from the gmail account, or actually from the shortcut on my desktop.

The Picasa software download took "forever" allowing me time to nap during the process. And, no I am not at work. After a pleasant snooze I awoke to find that the download apparently had not worked. Cursing, I went off to embroider for awhile.

Second try, this time I went wireless and tapped into my neighbor's high speed access. Will that woman never learn about network security? The download took 15 seconds instead of 20 minutes and since it named itself Picasa2, I guess Picasa1 really is there---somewhere.

Next step is to plug my camera into the computer see how easy it is to move photos out onto the web.

Friday, November 16, 2007

RSS feeds and auto wisdom

I am reminded of the old saying---you don't have to know what's under the hood in order to drive the car. I am still struggling with trying to explain the RSS concept to others, but I can at least drive the car.

I subscribed to krl2pt0, the Darien Library Books, and two KRL blogs which interest me for different reasons. "A Street Where Cats Gather" is confident and cruising. Something to inspire me. "Dragging My Feet" is the account of someone who is struggling. I can identify and have empathy for dragging.

Finally, I was in the mode and couldn't help myself so just for the heck of it I also subscribed to Media Matters and Buzz Flash. Might as well hit all of my guilty pleasures in the same day.

my stuff on

My priorities are in order....I've started to post all my shopping sites on The note field is really helpful in remembering what I like to purchase from various sources.

I may even be inspired enough to start collecting political sites.

comment on "20 reasons why..."

Kathryn Greenhill's post on "20 reasons why learning emerging techologies (sic) is part of every librarian's job" stirred up some old memories.

Nearly 20 years ago KRL selected three staff members to have the first internet accounts. Talk about scary! There was no World Wide Web, no graphics; everything was text-based and the search engines, named Veronica and Archie, were so primitive that you could never expect to find anything with them.

Just accessing the internet involved complicated software, UNIX, and a whole set of protocols. It was the starting place. I think it took me a year to master email and another six months to figure out LYNX. Every step got a little easier but the whole process was plain hard work.

After those initial struggles, the Web browsers were a piece of cake. We were instant experts but that seems to be where many of us stopped. Greenhill's 20 reasons made me realize that I have been resting on my laurels. It has been years since I put any real effort into following the evolution of the internet. I've gone from being the wagon train scout to the last wagon in the line. Now it is time to play catch up.